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New Studio Rental Rates

$40 / hr


$90 / 4 hr block

$220 / 10 hrs whenever pack

$250/mth for unlimited booking* 

*guaranteed availability equally based on number of members with unlimited  

Assistant and Lighting Tech always available. 

Bring Your Own Lights only  $25 / hr*  

*2 hr. minimum (BYOL)


 Deals  and  Rates  are  subject  to  change  without  notice.  50% deposit  required to secure bookings. Contact Us to verify rates and  availability


New Rainforest Waterfall Set

New Lights and Modifiers with Sky Track System
makes lighting adjustments and moving around a breeze.
No more messy light stands and wires to trip over.

Want More!!

Hair n MUA

Check out our Hair Designers and Make Up Artist's bio pages with contact information and availability HERE

 Your clients and models will appreciate you, when you provide them a cool, clean experience when you shoot .

Members Board

The Picture Firm Studios

  The Picture Firm Studios welcomes all photographers at ANY level of experience to be a part of something unique. Read more below....

Some BTS of a recent shoot here

Create and capture like you never thought possible.

   The Picture Firm Studios is your place to let your real skills become as sharp as your creativity will allow.

    If you're a pro and don't have the time or money to maintain a studio of your own, then consider TPF Studios as your studio  when you need it. We will keep it up for you.

     Never shot studio before?  No problem. We offer one on one workshops specific to the areas you most desire to master.

FACT:  Renting a studio for you and your subject (model) cost's money typically $100+ for a couple hours. What do you get in return? A dust covered cluttered mess from the last renter, zero assistance in the production and you get the same look every other photographer in town has of the same dated kitchen or bedroom. This may appeal to some of you, but  I'm guessing you want to impress yourself with your images, not just your Mom.

-Available for  bookings 24/7 all month 

-Model Concierge available  to insure releases signed and your model is happy.

-Lighting technicians and engineers to dial in your desired look.

-Cyclorama wall, Skytrack lighting, Double door and bay gives access for any size motorcycle or furnishing for shoot

-Dressing room, bathroom and gallery lobby plus FULL hair n make up station

-Shower for the really messy shoots like body painting

-Air Conditioned, Seamless Paper Rolls Blue, Red and Gray

-Many Vinyl Backdrops Black Crushed Velvet Set, Brick wall and Arrow Street Light Sign, Conference Table, Wall w/ Mural Art *currently a city scene

-Four Post Bed Black Glossy

-Fog Chiller machine

-Chase Lounges

-Top of the line sound system

If that doesn't speak for the value of this unique opportunity, hear what  members have said:

"I feel like I should be paying much more for all of this...My clients love when I shoot them here" -R. Richards

"I knew nothing about flash photography when I showed up the day of my big shoot for a very important client. Complications were going to be the theme for the day,  but The Picture Firms staff was two steps ahead, discreet and quick to ensure my settings were dialed in on time and the four hour shoot went flawless, wrapping with a very impressed client, non the wiser to my crash course workshop. This is an amazing deal." -J. Smith

Package Options

Studio Booking

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