Real Estate Photography Secrets - Danco Image Photography

"...listings with professional Real Estate Photography sell faster and for more money..." 

Successful Realtors $ecret Weapon is this...

Selling STARTS with Great Real Estate Photography...

And Great Real Estate Photography...

...requires a keen eye behind the lens to make properties look beautiful.

...needs to inspire buyers to take action and to purchase a property from an agent OR hire them to help sell their home.

Yes, it's true, you could simply take the photos for your real estate listing on your cell phone these days.  You're probably thinking it's faster, less hassle and oh yeah, it's cheaper.

Truth is, and it’s proven, that listings with professional real estate photography sell for better prices and faster than those shot by amateurs (including agents).

Whichever path  you take,  the important thing is to get beautiful real estate photos that are attractive and true representations of the listing.

View the real estate pictures below and learn why each worked so well for the agents who represented them.

Natural Light

Remember, when shooting photos for real estate listings, the sun is your best friend.

The best time of day to start capturing homes for sale is late morning and early afternoon, when the sun is generally shining brightest. This natural lighting provides ample opportunities to capture every corner of a home’s interior and exterior. This particular photograph above was taken around 2:00 pm when the sun was bright and at a slight angle casting nice highlights on the floor and buildings outside in the distance.

Another unique and beneficial way to take advantage of natural light is to expose all windows in a listing. Slide curtains aside, roll up shades, or remove both entirely so the most possible sunlight enters the home. Then, take your real estate pictures of the areas of the home that soak up the most sun. This will vary by time of day, of course, so figure out where the light will hit inside the residence at different points of the day to anticipate where to set up your shots. This listing required some understanding of some very fancy automatic shades.

Artificial Light

Daytime is an optimal period to secure the best real estate photos … most of the time. Properties equipped with plenty of artificial lighting offer a unique aesthetic you may want to capture for your listings instead. Take the real estate picture above, for instance: The  front porch, the columns, each of the four steps, and the mix with the remaining light during dusk all provide more than enough lighting to capture the character and charm of this entry. Even with lots of artificial lights, your listings’ layouts will ultimately determine whether shooting their exteriors at night will be an option, so study the landscape around the property and your lighting options to see what’s possible in terms of a potential photo shoot.

Having only very little exterior lights to work with can sometimes work in a listing’s favor when shooting real estate pictures.

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