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$500 is a lot of money these days.

Finding a professional headshot photographer offering more than a headshot in the Tampa Bay/ Clearwater area for this is a challenge.

We feel you will find this session is worth every penny invested and we deliver more than others promise.

Designed for "Professionals in the Spotlight".

 Industries where your smile, posture, eye contact or body language determines if the "first impression" is a deal closed or never makes it past your "hello". Your portrait expression establishes a valuable confidence and familiarity between you and your client before you meet face to face in most cases.

 Displaying the images on all of your social networks will be effortless to do because we will handle the process of resizing each final image in the websites recommended max resolution and file size.

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3 hours in studio plus 1 hour on location offers the luxury of the dressing room for quick wardrobe changes, climate controlled cooling and total light control. Getting outside on location nearby adds that beautiful standard naturally lit look.


What We Deliver...

-Custom Personalized Portfolio Web Page  (Share the link with anyone you wish)

-We gather the "Best of the Best" images and upload to a proofing gallery and are included on this page. (Approx. 40 proofs )

-You pick 4 proofs as Final Images that are Retouched and Sized for each social network you wish to display them on. Each website specific version is in the best recommended resolution for that website. PLUS the Digital Negatives and the FULL Sized Final Image delivered via email in a downloadable zip file.

**** BONUS Choice of:

Custom Created Composite Image


Comp Card w/ the Final 4 Images


Behind The Scene Video of your shoot including short video clips, images from your proofing gallery and appropriate audio track for your experience


  • Executive Headshot by Dan Haverty
  • Garret S Headshot dy dh
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