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  "Studio  Orientation  and  Lighting  Technique"  Workshop:

Get  to  know  your  way  around  our  equipment  and  learn  how  to  control  light  to get  a  particular  result  with  every  exposure.   We  want  you  to  feel  confident  in  using  the  studio  amenities  for  a  great  experience  every  time  you  choose  to  shoot  here.

$50  to  attend  this  workshop  and  all  in  attendance  receive  a  Free  Hour  of  Studio  and  Light  Rental  on  any  future  date.

Please  Contact  Us  with  any  questions  or  to  request  a  date  that  suits  you  best.  or  727-755-1873

$50 per seat and qty may be added at checkout.

Good lighting is key for any studio photographer to have success. Below we've listed some simple tips for set up of lighting and gear.

   Photographers have a style in their work flow that fits the type of photos they shoot and their personality. Work flow and time management is essential here because studio time is expensive for clients, so it is important to maximize your set up times value and arrange your shoot area for easy access to all equipment needed for the shoot.

-Make sure the studio is clean.

   This sounds obvious right?  Dust not only damages your sensitive equipment but it gives a bad impression to clients to see a messy studio.

-Plan the shoot in advance.

   Make sure you discuss with the client their needs so you can plan what you need for the shoot.

-Arrange the initial light set up before the client arrives.

   Set fill lights and reflectors close to the shooting area. Arrange all cameras and lenses to be used on a table close to the work area.

-Have all memory cards handy.

   Verify you have enough space for the session and a backup will be a good idea as well.

-Know the Style of Light

   It is important to decide the lighting style to use for portraits in advance, whether you know how to achieve it yet or not, and let us know when you book, so we can begin this setup process.

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